Wednesday, July 17, 2013

loosing teeth!!

at the start of first grade (last fall),
zoe lost her FIRST tooth at school, during snack.
she swallowed it along with the bite of breakfast bar she
was eating ...

she was so excited about her tooth award sticker.
the little things really mean so much .....

ella was really excited for her too.

they both wrote a note to the TOOTH FAIRY--
zoe explained she lost her tooth AND lost her tooth.
that made me smile : )

the tooth fairy left zoe FIVE gold coins because it was her
first tooth, a new tube of toothpaste, a 'pinkalicious loses her tooth' book, .....

 and this note, for both girls:

less than a month later zoe lost tooth number TWO:
she did not swallow this one ......

...... and ella was STILL excited for her : )

she worked on her letter past bedtime (i'm working on
remembering things like that way before it's bedtime).

ella helped too ....

they both got silly ......

and the tooth fairy left a note and 1 gold coin in sparkly blue water,
and her best friend the BANANA MONKEY also left a note
and two bananas -- one for each girl!! : )

the rest of the fall and all of last winter zoe lost two more teeth,
both while at school.  she also helped friends pull out their loose
teeth and walked them to the nurse if more 'tooth help' was needed.
the tooth fairy consistently did her job and left zoe 1 gold coin in a
fancy glass full of colorful water and fairy sparkles, left fun notes
and messages for both girls -- and the banana monkey treated them to
extra tasty bananas each time, too.  : )

ella was also a tooth confidant, at home with zoe and at school
with friends, giving support whenever support was needed,
and was impressingly happy each time
zoe or a friend lost a tooth -- despite her daily efforts to get at least one
of hers to even just become wiggly.  and when that did happen, she had
to continue her path of patience as she waited and wiggled, wiggled and
waited a long time before her first tooth actually came out.  it was a BIG day
for ella and very, very exciting!!

her hope of losing a tooth while in first grade and while at school
finally did happen.
she chose zoe and a friend to walk her to the nurse,
she chose a hot pink tooth treasure chest and then walked on the clouds
the rest of the day because she was just so happy : )

zoe was happy too ...

her note to the tooth fairy made me laugh --
(click on photo to enlarge)

she was so excited she had to call daddy while he was at
work, and grama dianne too .....

and then they got really, really silly.

the tooth fairy left ella her five gold coins for her first tooth,
in sparkly green water -- and the banana monkey also
left two bananas for both girls.

at the start of summer zoe had another loose tooth.
ella asked if she could pull it out for her and after ella
put on her 'tooth pulling gear', zoe let her and ella
successfully pulled out tooth #6 for zoe -- a small tooth
that was really, really long.

the sweetness and the silliness continues ......

and because zoe finally grew in a few of her molars,
the start of summer also welcomed weekly trips to the
orthodontist.  zoe is now in the process of getting
a retainer to help give her jaw more room for all her
adult teeth that are starting to pop through.

it's been a big process.

we're also doing weekly trips to the creamy cone after
our visits to the ortho .....

.... and a lot of hanging around ....

..... acting silly ......

...... and being cool in new sunglasses and bandanas .....

love these girls!!


CityHouseStudio said...

So sweet, Jeremi!
We should talk soon! I'd love to hear more about your Ortho experience - I think Lexi is going to go through the same thing!

Annie said...

They did a great job!!! Like their smiles, so cute.

Mama Hen said...

Hello my friend! Thank you for the well wishes for my mom. It has been a tough couple of months. That is so exciting with all the teeth coming out! My daughter just lost her 7th tooth. It is always such a fun time. I hope you have been enjoying your summer! It is so hot! I hope this 90 and above breaks soon around here. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mama Hen