Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Part One

Last Thursday we were supposed to have 'Trunk or Treat' at Ella and Zoe's preschool -- but it was a rainy morning so the festivities were moved indoors. It was still a lot of fun and SO cute seeing all the little kids dressed up. Grama Dianne and Grampa Lindy were even there, which made it all extra special, and lunch afterwards (at Snuffy's of course) was quite possibly the highlight : )

The inside version of 'Trunk or Treat'.
*click on images to make larger*

Ella the Flower . . .

. . . and Zoe the flower.

The big girls with their classmates,
getting ready to sing songs for the program.

Cuddling with Grama and Grampa.

Ella with Grampa.

Zoe with Grama.

Saturday we went to Ella and Zoe's first Halloween Party.
The girls went 'ghost bowling', played 'cat-tail tag',
ate 'frightening foods' for snack, went 'pumpkin golfing' . . . .

. . . and even catapulted pumpkins.
Ella went first . . .

. . . and then it was Zoe's turn!!

Part Two: Halloween Night, coming up soon . . . . .


Taylor said...

Looks like they had lots of fun! I love their costumes, so cute.

How fun that you had a catapult!

Annie said...

What fun days they had. Their flower costumes are so cute.

I'm anxious to see more pictures.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Adorable costumes! They are so cute! Two pretty little flowers