Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What we THOUGHT we had at our house . . .

. . . H1N1 (also known as the 'Swine Flu').

But now we're not sure.
Is it H1N1? Is it the seasonal flu? Or is it just a really bad cold??

The urgent care doctor we saw Sunday
said it was H1N1 based on Zoe's symptoms.
He even put her on tamiflu.

Then on Monday Ella got sick and Zoe started to feel a little better. Our regular pediatrician does NOT think they have H1N1, mainly because Zoe's fever was going down and she doesn't have a bad cough. She also doesn't think it's the seasonal flu because 1) it's not in our area yet, and 2) the girls had their flu shots a month ago. She thinks it's a virus of some sort, but we don't know for sure. She also recommended taking Zoe off the tamiflu because if she doesn't have H1N1 now but gets it later, the tamiflu wouldn't be effective then. So after already having three doses, we took her off of it.

Today Ella is worse and Zoe is feeling better. Is that because Zoe had some of the tamiflu and Ella didn't? Or is it just affecting them differently? Or do they have different viruses?

I had no idea it would be so hard to find out for sure what your child has when she's sick. I trust both of the doctors we saw but the conflicting information is so confusing. Both doctors told us they don't test for H1N1 unless a child is actually hospitalized -- yet I've heard from some friends that they know kids that have been tested without being in the hospital. And some clinics do a quick test for the regular flu, but others don't. Really.
Could this be any more complicated?

I'm a planner and I like details. This not knowing is driving me nuts. So for now we're treating the symptoms and hoping Ella's cough doesn't get worse. At this point she sounds like a seal doing a show for us at the zoo, but her fever has gone down since her ibuprofen kicked in, so that's good.

I'm also enjoying all the extra cuddles I'm getting from both girls.
And I'm loving PBS : )

I just wish I was the one without an appetite.
Darn all that Halloween candy.


Annie said...

I wish they feels better soon. I hate when my girls are sick and more if they have fever. When we saw the pediatric Sunday she say that our girls have a 24 hours virus, but I think I'm the worse right now, my coughing is killing me.

I hear from clinics that do test for H1N1 in US.

Hugs for the girls.

Taylor said...

Poor things! I hope they are feeling better soon. Cute pics.

Heather said...

How is everyone feeling now, Jeremi? I've been thinking of you all and hope you are healthy!

Annie said...

Hope everything is fine with the girls. Please, let me know how are they?

Oh, say Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

Have a nice weekend.