Friday, November 13, 2009

Yy is for Yellow Yogurt ~ and Other Non-Y Stuff

While we were home bound with the sickies for 11 days we watched
A LOT of tv, but I tried to also keep the girls busy with
different low-key kinds of activities.

I was hoping to finish our Alphabet Bakery Book but we only got to the letter Yy. I wasn't very clever either, we added yellow food color to vanilla yogurt (whoo-hoo), but the girls thought it was great, so it was great! And using food color had a lasting impression; later in the week when I put hair color in my hair Ella told me she thought I should use red food color next time : )

Ella with her Yellow Yogurt . . .
(and yes, bows do make a girl feel better when she's sick)

. . . and Zoe in response to me putting red food color in my hair
(while eating her Yellow Yogurt).

And even though we didn't make it to dance class the girls still wore their ballerina gear, and they also did a lot of building
with the wooden blocks.

Zoe was really into making roads with tunnels.
And Ella loved building whole cities and castles.

They had their moments of feeling more pep, but those would only last for about 15 minutes (tops) and then they would start to get tired
and want to rest on the sofa.

Here's Ella with her 'I'm getting tired' look.

And this is what Zoe thought about being sick for so many days.

My Girls -- I love them both.


Taylor said...

I'm glad the girls are getting better. I love the sound of the alphabet baking book, how fun. It's cute that they still wore their ballerina outfits.

I don't know the sex yet but we hope to find out on Dec 2nd. I will post the sex for sure if we find out. I am due April 29th. This week I felt the baby kick for the first time so that was very exciting.

Annie said...

So happy they are much better.

I like they do some alphabet food because I like that activity,ha.

They are so cute and beautiful. God bless, them!!

Answering your question:

I do learning activities with the girls after nap around 2:30 to 3:00 and to that for at least one hour. Sometimes is more time if they like the activity and sometimes (but is rarely) do something on mornings.