Friday, May 15, 2009

Dr. Fred

Last year the girls went to the dentist for the first time.

Zoe was very curious about it all and enjoyed being the patient.  Ella absolutely loved it.  She flew through the front door saying 'Dr. Freeeed' in a very cheerful and excited voice.  Later that night she insisted she was even named after Dr. Fred (she's not, I promise).

This year both girls started out excited.

Zoe wanted to go first and really got into having her teeth checked.  She took the whole thing very seriously (was very wide-eyed), followed directions and thought bubble gum flavored toothpaste was the best thing ever.

Ella wasn't as into it.  She tolerated it and did what she was asked to do, but each time her mouth was free of dental tools she immediatly turned her back and told me she was all done.  She did love the mirror though (not a surprise).

Both girls have healthy, strong teeth and NO cavities.

Possibly the best part?
They have been playing 'dentist' and keeping each other occupied for good chunks of time.  And their dolls and stuffed animals have never had such clean, fake mouths.

Getting ready to leave

Zoe's turn

Ella's turn

Dr. Fred's turn

And yes, holding your sister's hand for support does help, at least a little bit.


The Amazing Trips said...

They are SO adorable. I love the pink shawls!!!

Joe and Jane said...

Way to go! Gotta get Jia there too...let me know if you have any tips!