Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guess Where We Were . . .

The Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis!!
Do you see the Spoon and Cherry??

Zoe and Ella were mesmerized.

After checking out some other sculptures we
walked up all these stairs to look over the highway.

Z and E take after their Dad, no fear of heights.

They also loved all the climbing and the giant swing,
just like their Dad.

The girls called the greenhouse a 'treehouse'.

And we took a moment to stop and admire the flowers.

Then it was time to eat some dinner.
The fancy furniture at the Old Spaghetti Factory was another big hit.

But the ravioli was an even tastier treat!!

The theme of 'Taking After Daddy' continued,
although neither girl realized
they weren't actually playing the video game.
They still are cheap dates.

After dinner we took a hike up the hill at Gold Medal Park.

Our last stop -- looking out over the Mississippi River in the yellow box at the new Guthrie Theater.  Very cool.
Ella and Zoe were more interested in the bugs caught between the glass than all of the amazing scenery though, which made us laugh.

And then the girls took after me, just a little bit . . . 
. . .  tired at the end of a fun adventure and ready to head home.


Heather said...

Such adorable pictures. I love the last one of them all pooped out. Nothing better than two exhausted children!

I can't recall how my blog was added to multiples and more. I don't think I had to email them, but honestly, like I said, my memory is so bad lately. I used to be able to recall the most minute details. Not so much anymore...

I am guessing that if you emailed them and asked to be added, that should do it. They might just have such a following now that it is taking longer to get to new emails? sorry I am not of much help on that one!

Yes, you can add my blog on. I am following you in my google reader.

thanks for the tip about the gate. I actually had my hubs pick up the regular old Supergate from BRU today since the weather is so nice. We can set it up on our covered deck and just leave it. I need to get OUT of this house. Even if it is just on to the deck!

Hope you are well!

Carolyn said...

What great pictures! Makes me really miss the Twin Cities. Austin does not have the great museums like y'all have! And how I miss lilacs! Too darn hot down here in Texas. On the other hand we've already been swimming in the pool - my very own watery sanctuary, and look forward to playing pool volleyball with the whole family this weekend. We have a full nest again - for a little while, anyway!