Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yesterday: Highs and Lows

Some Highs:
*Celebrating Tom's 45th Birthday!!
*Watching how excited Ella and Zoe were to see Tom open the gifts they made for him.
*Watching Tom totally in the moment with his daughters.
*Eating carrot cake that we made by scratch, that was actually YUMMY!!
*Being complimented on my carrot cake, a few times, by Tom and the girls (I love compliments on my cooking/baking, that means so much to me)
*Walking around lake McCarrons with Ella and Zoe and seeing one Bald Eagle, two Mallard Ducks, Two White Swans, Two White-Tailed Deer and lots of Canadian Geese.
*Playing at the park with Ella and Zoe and watching them climb, slide, swing and run for close to 45 minutes.
*Seeing Zoe and Ella play together in their sand table, pretending they were growing a garden like Grama Dianne.

Some Lows:
*Not a good nap for Zoe because of such a bad cough.
*Ella waking from her nap with a high fever and feeling pretty lousy.

More Highs:
*Cuddling with my girls on the sofa and reading one million books together.
*Watching all three montages of their life so far, and listening to their funny comments.

More Lows:
*Ella throwing up all over herself.
*Ella throwing up all over me.

Another Few Highs:
*Zoe NOT throwing up.
*Zoe being a caring sister.
(she kept making sure Ella had her lovies,even when I'd put them aside so they wouldn't get vomit all over them).
*Zoe's ability to make me laugh, even with the smell of puke still on my clothes.
(she told me she needed to be held because she was just a little bit sick too).
*Ella feeling a little better and ready for bed at bedtime.
*Ella sleeping like a log all night long.
*Realizing at the end of the day there had been NO temper tantrums or unneccessary whining -- for the whole day!

One Last Low:
*Hearing Zoe cough on and off throughout the night (we might take a trip to the pediatrician this morning).

And even MORE Highs -- Photos!!

*opening Dad's homemade birthday card*

*looking at the drawing Ella did for her Daddy*

*admiring Zoe's drawing*

*my three favorite people in the world*
(especially when there is no crying ,whining or crabbiness involved)
Love you Tom.
Hope you had a special Birthday!!

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Joe and Jane said...

Sorry about the sickies, and happy birthday Tom! Love the smiles in that last photo.