Sunday, May 17, 2009


This past Friday was the last day of ECFE for Zoe and Ella.
Their LAST DAY of Early Childhood Family Education.
This makes me a little sad.

It was a fun morning though.  Tom went with us and we brought hanging baskets full of colorful begonias as a
'Thank You' for their teachers (from the whole class).

To celebrate we had a picnic lunch after class.

But seriously, how did we get to the end of our ECFE time?
Five years ago, the thought of going to an ECFE class
with my own child was something I only dreamed about.

Three years ago I brought my
5 month old twin daughters to our first class.
We only went one day that first year (our pediatrician recommended not going because of the risk of RSV),
but that one morning was a highlight for me.

Two years ago our Fabulously Fun Fridays began . . . 
School, teachers (Teacher Lee and Teacher Kristi), new friends (Bella and Billy), lots of playing, lots of learning and lots of fun times.

This Past Fall . . .  
. . .  the girls met Teacher Randee, Teacher Louise and Teacher Susan
and started the Two and Three-Year Olds Class.  New friends (Kiki, Mia, Maddy, Mac, Justin, Lincoln, Teagan and Johann), old friends (Bella and Billy) and lots of new learning experiences.  It was a year full of fun and many memories.  I'm going to miss it.

But  Next Fall Zoe and Ella will join
the Ladybug Class at North Como.  They'll meet new teachers
and make new friends.  They'll learn all sorts of new stuff.
Preschool here we come!!


Heather said...

I visited the other day, but can't recall if I commented on a prior post. My memory is really slipping! What I wanted to say is that your girls are precious! Truly beautiful!

It's Heather from 3 under 3, by the way.

The Amazing Trips said...

It boggles the mind how fast they grow up. Tonight, we had some neighbors (who we've lived next to for 12 years) over for dinner. They also have four children. Between the two families - there were eight kids under the age of seven. While we sat looking around, absorbing the insanity of the energy level, we were amazed to think that just a few short years ago ...we never could have imagined what the future had in store.

Life IS good. :)

Kristin said...

Your girls are adorable! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your welcome to post my link. It's amazing how far Ella and Zoe have come. Precious!