Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This past Sunday night Ella and Zoe went to their first play (Cinderella) at the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis -- it was a gift from my parents and was truly a magical night.

Ella woke from her nap a bit grumpy and told us she was scared and didn't want to see the step-sisters, but once the play started she was absolutely entranced and didn't want it to end.

I don't think Zoe took her eyes off the stage
during the whole performance.

Both girls thought it was THE BEST when one of the step-sisters asked me if I liked her hair, during the play. They also thought it was funny and silly that the step-sisters were actually played by men dressed up as women : ) It was hilarious.

The play was so well done and so entertaining.
Thanks again, Mom and Dad!!

Before the play started (no photos were allowed during the performance).
Ella looking at the camera . . . .

. . . and Zoe looking at the camera!


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Awww! I know they had so much fun! Abby & Emma love watching plays which reminds me - I need to check their schedule to see what plays are coming up

Annie said...

They are princesses and I know they enjoyed it.