Friday, December 25, 2009

Past Christmases

Four years ago Tom and I celebrated Christmas with the greatest gift we could ever receive -- Ella and Zoe!! And since then each holiday has been full of much laughter, lots of joy and just plain old fun. We are so thankful for our family and friends, and our little gifts that continue to give so much. Our hearts are truly full
as we celebrate this Christmas Season.

~ 1st Christmas ~
Ella and Zoe -- Our Best Presents Ever.

Daddy with His Girls (love this photo).

~ Ella Marie ~

~ Zoe Dianne ~

First Christmas with the McLains,
(and one of my favorite pics of the girls with Auntie Jen).

Loving with Grama Dianne : )
And yes, Ella is very double-jointed!!

~ First Christmas with the Rupprechts ~
Grandpa Everett holding Zoe, Cousin Lauren
and Cousin Erin holding Ella.

Grandma Della Snuggling with Zoe.

Grandma Della holding Zoe, Aunt Mary
and Aunt Jayne Feeding Ella.

~ Second Christmas ~
Loving the tree and ornaments.

Seriously, my heart still melts to see this photo and remember how much they loved to hug each other, even when they were so little.

Christmas Eve -- Opening Gifts . . .

. . . and Watching the Magic of the Bubbles Float.

~ Second Christmas with the McLains ~
(and Santa Grama!)

This photo just cracks me up, it's like Zoe is whispering to Ella
'who is that kid next to me?' (it's their cousin Connor).

~ Second Christmas with the Rupprechts ~
Ella, Erin, Zoe, Grandpa Everett and Lauren.

More of the Rupprechts (but not even close to all of them).

~ Third Christmas~
Ella and Zoe got Tom juggling balls
and they were so excited to tell him all about them : )

~ Third Christmas with the McLains ~
Zoe and Ella with their little cousins.

Zoe, Brenna and Ella.

~ Third Christmas with the Rupprechts ~
Opening gifts . . .

. . . and Cuddling with Grandma Della the next morning.

More pics to come of THIS year's Christmas Celebrations -- we're hopefully heading out to see my side of the family later today (if the snowy roads allow us to travel), and then we're off to see Tom's side of the family tomorrow. Right now the girls are playing with some of their new toys and I need to start getting ready for the day . . . .
Merry, Merry Christmas!!


Taylor said...

They are just so adorable no matter what year! I know how you feel about the best Christmas present ever, Taylor was just 12 days old that first Christmas.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How precious!!!!!! I love that very first photo - cutest ever! I can not believe how much your girls have grown