Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Mall Santa

I can't believe this is Year Four of taking Ella and Zoe to see Santa at the Rosedale Mall. He even claims he remembers them, what a guy : )

Yes, Ella and Zoe are growing up. This year they didn't want us to walk with them when it was their turn,
they wanted to walk up to Santa themselves.

They are such big girls now they wouldn't even tell us what they told Santa they'd like for Christmas, they said it was a secret. Great -- I'm hoping their gift ideas are the same as what they told our Thanksgiving Santa . . . or that they told him anything that he brings would be just what they always wanted.

And this picture, it so captured the moment -- Zoe was so animated once she got talking and Ella is just praying
that all of her wishes will come true : )
But whatever they told the big guy in red, they sure enjoyed themselves : )


Anonymous said...

They are indeed growing you suppose there is any particular reason that Ella feels she needs to pray:) Could it be that she is taking no chances? Loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

sorry, forgot to leave my name;;I am ANONYMOUS...grama Dianne

Catherine Anne said...

How cute

Annie said...

Great pictures with Santa. Is so sad when we see our kids growing so fast.