Friday, December 18, 2009

Preschool Program

Zoe and Ella's preschool had their Christmas Program yesterday morning. The 3 year old class sang first (which lasted maybe 3 minutes total), then the 4 year old class did their bit, and they ended with both classes singing 'Jingle Bells' together. It was cute and sweet to watch, especially the little boy who pretty much stole the show : )

Ella and Zoe's class also sang a song about a snowman
and they had these little carrot props.
I just love how little kids can pull anything off,
even holding a carrot on a stick up to their nose, and still look cute.



My parents were able to make the program too, and actually all four of them were happy, even though Dad and Ella didn't look too thrilled : )

After lunch Ella and Zoe went sliding down our back hill with Grama Dianne. I am the dork who was going to stop them from crashing into the birdfeeder if they got too close.


Annie said...

I love it. How cute is see preschool kids singing.

The girls and Grandma had lots of fun,ha.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Taylor said...

So stinking cute! There is something about toddlers singing!

Joe and Jane said...

That's a pretty good hill back there! I've been debating about letting the girls go down the driveway but am thinking that the nearby hill is a better choice!

So was the carrot song "The Chubby Little Snowman who had a Carrot Nose"? Jia's been singing that one at school.