Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stars of the Week

Way back at the beginning of October Zoe was chosen to be the first Star of the Week for her preschool class. It was very exciting : ) She was given a blank poster to fill in, with information and pictures all about HER! We worked on her poster for little bits of time every day for almost a week to get it just right. She chose what photos she wanted to use and how she wanted to decorate her poster. Tom and I were impressed with her small motor skills and ideas and so proud of her hard work.

The day she shared it in class I had an appointment that morning, so I wasn't able to watch her in action. Because she was the first kid to be the star, and because Zoe can be a little quieter until she gets comfortable in a situation, Tom and I were curious if this would be a challenge for her (the sharing part) or a real positive experience.

It turned into a Super Positive -- both Ms. Lisa and Ms. Barb told Tom and me how great Zoe did sharing her story, that she actually read it all to them on her own and spoke in a loud enough voice so all of her friends could hear.

That week Zoe was the line-leader and had her poster on display in the hallway. She did an awesome job, and again, we are so proud of the little girl she is becoming.

Ella was supposed to be the Star the first week in November, but that's when she and Zoe got sick and missed almost two weeks of school. Ms. Lisa was kind enough to switch weeks for Ella, so she had her turn last week.

Ella also worked really hard on her poster. She was so thoughtful on what colors to use and how she wanted to decorate it -- and then she really took her time to do her best work. She also chose the photos she wanted to use and was VERY excited to be able to share her final product.

I was able to sit in class that morning and videotape when she shared with her classmates. It was such fun to see how comfortable she was in front of the whole class and how happy she was to share her story. One of the best parts was when she was walking around the circle with her poster, so all the kids could see -- and when she got to Zoe she just lit up, so happy to show her sister : ) And Zoe was just as thrilled, even though she had seen the poster and was a member of our 'practice audience' at home, many many times : )
Now the posters are both back at home,
and being shown to any visitors that we have.
They're pretty special keepsakes and I think I'm even going to laminate them.


Annie said...

Wow, I like their posters. So gla they did a great job at school.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Taylor said...

What a great idea. It is also a nice thing for you to keep too.

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to share how much I feel like I learn just from reading all these posts. You are giving me great ideas for when I'm a teacher. :)
P.S. My boyfriend Scott makes fun of me for enjoying a blog so much about two people I've never met! Haha. It's true but I still have lots of love for Ella and Zoe!