Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dolly and Meatloaf

Yup, we've been having fun with YouTube, and probably spending too much time on it, but it's been a riot watching the girls' reactions to what different singers actually look like, after only hearing their music in the past.

Both girls love Dolly (they call her Dolly 'Partner', which I get a kick out of) but Ella especially loves her. She thinks her voice is really pretty and she always comments on her colorful eyeliner and big hair : ) This morning she told me Dolly sang to her in her dreams last night, how sweet is that?!

This is Ella's favorite song, and favorite 'look' of Dolly:

Now Zoe -- she loves, loves, LOVES Meatloaf. She's fascinated with him and prefers his 80's look (long hair and crazy eyes) over his current, shorter hair, more 'normal' look. She would watch his long songs over and over again if I let her, and she just smiles when I joke and call him her boyfriend (Tom doesn't think that's as funny as I do). I really get a kick out of how much she likes his music:

One of my favorite Dolly song is "I'll Be Home With Bells On'. Listening to it always takes me back to when I lived in North Carolina for a year when I was 20 -- I think I've always been a Southern Girl at heart : )

And one of my favorite Meatloaf songs is this one (though there really isn't one I don't like), and yes, his music takes me back to my high school and college days, but his newer stuff is really great too:


Annie said...

So funny!!!!

My girls are excited with youtube, too but they look for videos of Tinkerbell and Princess

beingzaraandzidan said...

wow! U wont believe Zara's got sum fave's on youtube too. Gosh i love ur style of blogging. Ur girls are def gonna be proud of their mum. Jeremi, keep up the gud work!

Grm. Dianne said...

Grampa Lindy has long had a little crush on Dolly "Partner." He always says she reminds him of me.