Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of Preschool

The first day of preschool went really, really well.

There were big eyes, and ears that listened.
There were some tentative smiles and some that reached from ear to ear.
There was no crying.

There were two 4 1/2 year olds who felt like big shots walking into the Butterfly Classroom.

It was a GREAT first day!!

The first word out of Ella's mouth, before she even sat up in bed and opened her eyes was, PRESCHOOL -- and Zoe told me she was ready to be a butterfly!! Eating their 'I Love You Soooooo Much' breakfast of toast and eggs, filled up two hungry tummies ....

.... they had their 'Good Luck Pennies' from their Dad tucked in their backpacks, and we even had time to take some photos before we left the house.

~ Zoe Dianne ~

~ Ella Marie ~

~ Both Girls Together ~

Then it was off to school .....

.... and away they went!!

~ After class we took a quick picture of Ella, Zoe, Bella and Mia -- All four girls started out inECFE together so we're thrilled they're back together for their last year of preschool : )

Back home Zoe and Ella opened their treat bags from their teachers and found these items:
(click on photo to enlarge)

It was like frosting on the cake after such a great morning at school. I had to laugh, the first item Ella pulled out was a cotton ball -- she was so excited and told me 'I got some fluff!!'. Zoe was thrilled her band aide was her favorite (current) color, blue.

Day Two (today) went just as well and we also went to their first ballet class (since last May) this afternoon, which was AWESOME.

I'm really excited about this year, even though there's a part of me that can't quite take in how grown-up my little girls are looking these days.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Love it! I love those sweet photos, hats & boots! Too cute! Your girls are so preciou!

Annie said...

Just perfect!!! Love to see pictures of their first day. I'm so glad they had lots of fun and enjoyed the day.

Say to them that Auntie Annie send a big hug to them.

Sadia said...


I just love that!

Grama Dianne said...

How fun that the four little friends are back appears to be a great year ahead.

Catherine Anne said...

Love the boots and hats!!!

Taylor said...

So glad it went so well! Love the breakfast you made for them, so sweet of you. I need to try that for Taylor, maybe it would help her to eat something lol!

Anonymous said...

ella and zoe...
are you SURE you can't come to MY preschool instead???
I'll make you a butterfly cake too and eggs with hearts and even take you out for MILKSHAKES!!
Love you both to the moon and back...
auntie jen

Angela said...

I'm so glad they are so happy and that their first day went so well! I love the pics!

I just read your comment asking the size of our triplets and they were 4.0 and two at 4.11! So I came to find out Ella and Zoe's birth weights! Wow! They are quite the little miracles! We were seconds from delivering at 26 wks and then again at 28wks. It grabs your heart even more looking at the current pics, doesn't it? :)