Thursday, September 30, 2010


This girl ......

.... and this girl ....

.... had big follow-up eye appointments today with the pediatric eye doctor they've seen since they were first born -- and it went GREAT!!

Both girls' vision is exactly where it should be.
There are NO concerns.
We go back in THREE years -- in 2013 -- when they are almost 7 1/2 years old!!

Today was emotional for me.

It was another reminder of how lucky we've been.

Ella and Zoe were born a little over 10 weeks early, they were both strong little fighters (with THE BEST nurses and doctors taking care of them), they both dealt with a lot of stuff and there were many bumps along the way -- but there were so many 'could have beens, should have beens' that didn't happen.

Many babies born as early as the girls were have some sort of long-term medical challenges, including eye problems. Ella and Zoe's challenges have been manageable and so far have not had any major long-lasting effects.

Again, we have been so lucky.

It really takes my breath away at times.

And Tom and I ......

..... we are two very happy and very grateful parents.


Annie said...

Lucky and wonderful parents. God is always with you and your precious family.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That's fantastic news! Congratulations and continued blessings! :) :)

varunner said...

I had NO idea they were born so early! Look at them just thriving. They've done so great, as have you. Congrats on no more eye appointments for a good long while :-)

Joe and Jane said...

Hurray!! Love the pictures of all you guys too!

Mama Hen said...

They are so cute and the family pictures are beautiful! Thank God everything went well! Have a super day!

Mama Hen