Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Efram ~

Our very special family friends Des and Pete welcomed
their own little bundle of love into their family earlier this
summer -- and like with Hosanna, Ella and Zoe couldn't
wait to meet him and hold him......

I thought these photos of the girls and Efram were just
so cute -- and I think Efram is an absolutely beautiful baby.
After our visit the girls told me having a brother would
be fine too (ha, prior to this any wishes of being big sisters
involved having a baby sister to dote on, never a brother),
so Efram impressed them well : )  

He was really sweet to hold .....

But no, we're not adding to our family (until we actually
get a furry pet of some kind) -- but this is what we would
look like if we did have one more, including dorky Tom
giving the baby rabbit ears : )

So sweet, seeing Tom hold a baby always makes me
smile .....

......  and this picture I adore.  Love my two sweeties
and my big one ..... 

Welcome to the World Efram Jackson!!  Your two big
'sisters' are very happy you finally arrived :)

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Awww, nothing like a new baby to hold!