Friday, August 17, 2012

efram and weston ~

we have been loving babies around here this summer --
which has been so fun, especially for two little girls
who have been wanting a little sister for years now
(but after meeting efram having a
baby brother would be okay with them too).

our friend angie (who is also friends with efram's mom,
des) had her first baby, a boy, two weeks after efram
was born. 

a few weeks ago we finally met little man weston, who
is another adorably, yummy, beautiful baby boy.  and
because des also came over with efram the girls each had
their own baby to hold -- they were SO happy .....

..... and apparently efram was having the time of his life too!

zoe with west (his little old man poses and big shorts just
crack me up) ....

efram with ella (who turned into the baby
whisperer while holding him -- she was able
to calm and soothe this 6-week old tooth-
breaking baby when i couldn't.  {and yes,
he is actually is starting to break in a tooth
at 6 weeks, it's crazy.}

i did have to laugh when both babies were
crying at the same time, and zoe and ella
looked at me with such big eyes.  later they
told me just couldn't believe how loud TWO
babies could cry, then they realized they used
to be two babies that cried together too, and that
i actually did understand how loud it could get  :)

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