Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lesson Learned ....

apparently when i thought i was just cleaning out posts
i had published but were also still saved as drafts
(or so i thought), i was actually deleting them.  in probably
less than one minute most of my june and july published
posts were gone -- deleted -- not showing up anymore.

i'm sure they're somewhere in cyberspace,
(at least i hope so) -- and if anyone has any suggestions
on how i can retrieve them please let me know.  [lisa, i still
need to contact twgirl -- thanks for that possible lead).
so for now i'm just loading up pics from those past posts
to at least have those still in one spot.
again, SUPER FRUSTRATED.  i'm already so behind in
keeping updated, and now this ....  so to
save time, lots of pics but not a lot of words:

~ one of the last days of kindergarten:

~portfolio night at school with the fabulous mrs. olson:

~ off to the MIA field trip:

~ field day:

~last time sleeping as kindergarteners:

~ last day of kindergarten

~ thank you notes written for teachers and school staff:

....  more 'second time around picture posts' coming up
shortly ......

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry you haven't found them yet!