Saturday, August 11, 2012

lemonade party ~

a few weeks ago we had our 2nd annual lemonade stand.
after having so much fun last year (where it ended as a party
in our backyard .....), we decided to just start IN
the backyard this year, and go from there : )

the girls and i had such fun planning our 'menu', baking
the treats and getting everything ready .... and the more we
thought of things, the more we planned, and the more
we planned the more we did .....  so in the end our
'lemonade stand' was a 'lemonade/treats/jump/swim/play

we made lemonade-flavored cupcakes with strawberry

big-bite-sized brownies:

kind of home-made, kind of store-bought lemonade
(with lemons frozen into the ice-cubes):

..... and chocolate chip cookies too
(which i didn't bother to take a photo of).

we decided not to charge for any of the treats,
but put out a donation jar instead.

.... and all of the kids could take a little goodie
on their way out ......

the party itself was SUCH fun -- a lot of
ella and zoe's kindergarten classmates were
on vacation that week so many of those friends
weren't able to make it.  but a lot of our preschool
pals did, as well as a lot of our neighbors and other
family friends too.  the age range was great --
the youngest was 1 month old and the oldest was
86 years old!!  and despite the crazy heat and not
a lot of shade no one got sick!

the kids jumped in the trampoline, swam in the
pool, played in the treehouse and did a lot of
running around and laughing together.  they also
ate a lot of treats and drank a lot of lemonade ....

by the end of the night (that lasted longer than we had
planned, which is always a good sign of a good party),
the girls were exhausted -- but because grama was still
at our house they had to do some gymnastics stunts for
her .....

i want their energy AND flexibility!! : )

.... and the money we made treated us to a very nice dinner
at ole' mexico -- which included non-lemonade cocktails
for tom and me and lots of chips/salsa for the girls ......
VERY nice!!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That is so cute! I would love to do something like that, maybe next summer. The girls' birthday is in January, so no outside parties here. That would be a great little treat!

(And I'm glad you and Tom got some "lemonade" at the end of the day, too! I know that was a lot of work! ;) )

Jeremi said...

mandy, your girls would LOVE to do a smaller version ..... we live on a quiet street so last year we emailed some friends to let them know, so we'd have at least a few costumers -- it quickly turned into a fun party : )