Monday, September 21, 2009

Ballet = Happiness

Even though Ella wasn't too thrilled about preschool last Thursday,
ballet class on Friday was WONDERFUL
and helped end the week on a positive note.

Ella beamed the whole time.
Except for when she was giggling.
Or when she was belly-laughing.

Zoe just loves dancing. 
And being with her sister.
So it was a great combo for her.

2 things about the video:
1.  Ella did not fall, part of her dance was laying down --
her bird took a rest. 
2.  The laughing in the background?  It's Ella and Zoe.


Annie said...

So glad she had a great at ballet. Hope she do the same with preschool. I know she is going to be fine, it just time.

Have a nice week.

Janae said...

Your girls are just so so so adorable! I especially love the one where they are hugging!
So cute!

McCaffrey365 said...

I hope you have the picture of Ella and Zoe hugging framed. I LOVE it!!