Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Day in the Life of Two Bears

Zoe and Ella LOVE their bears.
They've even named them --
Zoe's bear is 'Zoe' and Ella's bear is 'Ella', of course.
They would take them everywhere if I let them,
but are content (at least for now)
to keep them by their sides around our house.

Or to wear them in handmade slings. 

The other day they did so much with their bears
I had to document with photos.
After singing Barney's hit 'I Love You' to them
(I have video coverage of that I'll post later),
they gave their bears a ride on their scooters.

After strapping the bears on,
they pushed the scooters to the top of the back hill.

They actually told their bears to 'hang on tight!' . . . 

. . .  and then they let them go!!

They were glad the pool was a soft landing.
I think the bears were too.

Then it was off to the sandbox,
with the bears having front row seats.

And then it was time to swing . . . 

After taking the bears down the slide,
and showing them how to go fast but be safe . . . 

. . .  they decided the bears could go by themselves . . . 

Yes, Ella and Zoe AND Ella and Zoe
were ALL very busy!

Riding in the cars was another fun activity.

And then it was time to take a nap.

The bears seemed to love the crib tents as much as Ella and Zoe do (and Tom and me -- it's AWESOME to still zip the girls in and know they're in one place), and all four girls/bears slept great : )

After naps it was time for a snack . . . 

. . . and more time on the swing,
this time the big wooden one.

Shortly before baths Ella and Zoe started to get tired too.

Quite possibly the best time of the day
was snuggling with Dad before bedtime.
Lucky Bears.


Anonymous said...

Dear Zoe Bear and Ella two little bears are sure lucky to have such good Mommies...Hugs to you two and your Mommies--big Ella and big Zoe.

Grama Dianne

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

So cute! They are going to be good little mommies for sure! What great pictures

Annie said...

Those bears had a very busy day. I'm sure they must be very tired. I thik they deserved a little rest.

Have a nice week.