Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Right now (2:00pm) Ella and Zoe are both zonked out.
They had such a FUN and FULL morning at preschool,
and they think they are so big now.
I do think they both grew a bit while they were gone though : )

This morning the girls had an 'I Love You SOOO Much Breakfast'
(a super cute heart-shaped egg and toast recipe I saw in Parents magazine -- mine didn't look as good as the picture in the magazine, but the girls thought it was the best and ate it all up).  They also got brand-new shiny pennies from their Dad -- their 'Good Luck Pennies' (which I think is going to be a yearly tradition between the three of them).  They tucked their pennies in their backpacks and will now always have that little extra good luck with them when they're at school, and will remember how much their Daddy loves them and  how much he thinks of them, even when they're not together.
I thought that was SOOOO sweet!

Then it was time to smile for pictures before we left.
Little Miss Preschooler Ella

Little Miss Preschooler Zoe

I had to get a few of both girls together,
but they weren't too into it . . .

. . .  until I started talking about wearing underpants on my head,
which they thought was pretty funny.

Then it was off to school,
and the Big Walk in . . . .

After adding their names to the sign-in board . . . 

 . . .  they found their places at circle time and looked at books.

I stayed in the hall for a little bit, listening without being seen : )
And had a good laugh when Ms. Lisa individually asked the children to say their names.
Some kids answered loud and clear.
Some kids answered quietly.
Some kids wouldn't answer.
Zoe was one of those kids, but when Ms. Lisa said 'Your name is Zoe, right?  I am sooo glad you are here today!', Zoe answered 'YES!' (which was very typical Zoe -- concise and to the point).
Then it was Eunice's turn (the little girl between Zoe and Ella).
But before Eunice could say her name,
Ella said 'and I am Ella -- Zoe's sister'.  Ha, so Ella : )
Ms. Lisa said 'Hi Ella, I am sooo glad you are here too!'.
And THEN  it was Eunice's turn : )

At 11:30 Tom and I picked up the girls.
Zoe was dismissed first . . . .
. . .  and then Ella was dismissed.

They both talked the whole way home --
at the same time.
They had a great first day, so Tom and I did too.
Their favorite parts?  Playing, the story about 'friends', the song about 'Wibble Wobble' (even though they didn't dance but they will next time), the 'First Day Floats' for snack, the hooks for their backpacks and of course -- the playground.

Ella and Zoe -- they think they are so big now.
And I really do think they grew while they were gone --
at least a little bit : )


Annie said...

Amazing pictures. I like their dresses, beautiful.

Their classroom is beautiful. I love to work with little kids because we decorate the classroom with so many beautiful things.

Thanks for the ideas for the princess party, I like all. I think this Saturday I start with all the birthday stuff.

And thank for the income tip.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What big girls!!! They look adorable for their first day of preschool! They look like they had a great time!!!!

Annie said...

Thanks Jeremi for your sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate every comment you send me. Thanks for be my friend.

Well, my girls born at 35 weeks. Not to preemie but they were in NICU one week. But, it was a horrible time for me. When I leaved the hospital I cried all the time.

Yes, I was a teacher before my girls born. Around my first month of pregnant I quit my job because I have a lot of problems with the Director of the school.

Joe and Jane said...

Glad it went so very well!!! I love the First Day Floats thing! How smart of their teachers.

Jennifer said...

Looking at these pictures just made my day. I cannot wait until I can start teaching. Zoe and Ella are just so beautiful!
I am totally going to use some of your ideas when I start! I still think you are the best teacher I've ever had.... and I'm 21!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Jeremi, Silly me, I did not even think to link up the tutorial I used. I have added it to my post now. The skirts are so easy to make!