Sunday, September 13, 2009

Uu Uu Uu

We are still working on getting through the alphabet.
(This is taking longer than I thought it would but I'm hoping to wrap things up soon.)

For the letter Uu we made 'Upside Down Cake'.
The best part was licking the batter.

Or maybe the best part was sneaking a quick taste?

Or maybe the best part
was eating a whole piece of cake with Dad after dinner?

Yup, I think that's what topped the list : )
But it was also fun delivering pieces of cake to our neighbors Carmie, Arlene, Jack and Jean -- though I didn't get any photos of that.
We have the best neighbors!!

As for the project, Ella and Zoe told me they wanted to draw their Uncle Luke because UNCLE starts with the letter Uu.  They came up with this on their own and I have to say I was impressed by their connections.  Then I was blown away by their drawings.
The top one is Ella's and the bottom one is Zoe's.

They totally did these by themselves.
I modeled drawing first, talking about each part of the body, what colors I'd use, etc.,
Then I gave them each a black crayon and had them draw the head, then the body, the arms, etc.,  Step-by-step I gave directions and they followed them.  After the drawing was done they got to choose what colors they wanted to add.  It was funny when they both talked about Uncle Luke having brown hair, but not a lot of it -- but more than Grampa has.  Hee hee, these two can be pretty perceptive : )

They also wrote their names by themselves, but I did the other writing (holding their hands with the crayons, so they get the feel of making the letters).  I'm so pleased they both enjoy coloring, projects, letters and writing -- it's such fun!

We also fingerpainted Underwater pictures -- thanks to my blogger friend Missy for the FUN FUN FUN idea!!!  I drew the outlines with a black marker and the girls used their fingers to watercolor paint the whole thing.  They honestly thought this was the best activity ever and I love how bright the colors turned out.  So thanks again, Missy, have any good ideas for the letters Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy or Zz? 

Finally, even though this post is getting quite long --
Happy Grandparent's Day 
Grama Dianne, Grampa Lindy, Grandma Della
(and Grandpa Everett, too)!!
Zoe and Ella are so lucky
to be surrounded by such love and positive energy.
I have THE BEST memories of my grandparents, and it makes me really happy when Ella and Zoe spend time with you guys.
What a gift.


Annie said...

I love it. You did a wonderful job with the girls and letter Uu. Is so nice to teach our kids and see all the things they do.

The waterpaint is beautiful. And yes Missy, is so talented. We are very lucky to have her as a friend.

Yes, I need ideas for a princess party, please help.

Have a terrific week.

PS: When the girls starts preschool?

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What great ways to learn the letters!!!
I love the underwater picture - so cute! And YUMMY on the cake! We may have to try that.

Answering your questions about Hooked on Phonics - I purchased it on-line at We chose to purchase the Pre-K - 2nd grade kit and it was $200 (with S&H)
My girls love it so far!!! It includes one workbook (I copy it off and let them draw on the copies), flashcards, dvd, stickers, and on-line access to more learning tools. It is wonderful!

Heather said...

What great ideas on teaching the letters! And the pictures are just too cute!