Friday, September 4, 2009

'Tt' is for TURTLE!!

We did a bunch of stuff with the letter Tt the other day.
Our favorite 'T' word is TOM, of course : )
But 'TURTLE' ranked right up there too!!

Right after breakfast we made 'Turtle Bread'.  I am not a baker -- and the bread was not mouth-watering delicious, but it tasted okay (especially warmed up with butter).
It sure was fun to make though and it LOOKED pretty cool!!

Ella kneading her part of the dough.

Zoe kneading her part of the dough.

The final product!!

Later that morning we made paper plate TURTLES.
Ella and Zoe are really getting into making projects, following directions and using their creativity.  LOVIN' it!!  And they each have their own distinct style too.  At this point Ella is usually quicker to finish a project, likes to try lots of colors and likes them to be bright.  Zoe is extremely precise and detail-oriented and is only finished when she's really finished.

The girls fingerpainted their paper plates green (always a fun activity) first.  After they dried we talked about what shape the head, arms, legs and tail of a turtle were, and I cut them out.  Then we talked about where they should glue the head, and I marked that spot with a pencil.  Then the girls used just a little glue and glued their heads on.  We repeated this one-step-at-a-time process for each of the turtle parts (it took a while).  The best part, E and Z are getting the hang of using glue -- and the concept that 'a little bit goes a long way', so there was NOT glue all over the place!  Whoo-hooo!!!
We all thought they turned out pretty cute.

After dinner we played some Hide-n-Seek.
Can you guess where Ella and Zoe hid?

They've been doing this little 'trick' for quite a while now,
but it cracks me up every time.
They thought it was funny that we did turtle stuff all day
and that they then hid under their sandbox turtle shell.
I think I'll be really sad when they don't fit anymore . . . . 

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Annie said...

Love it!! They did a great job and of course, you too. They had a wonderful mommy and teacher.

Have a nice weekend.