Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family Homework Assignment

Ella and Zoe's preschool has a monthly 'family homework' project. January's assignment was to make little snowmen. We were given small white pieces of construction paper, some brown, some black, some orange and some red too; with directions to decorate however we wanted, with any additional materials as well.

It was SOOOOOO much fun!! Tom helped Zoe and I helped Ella.
First, the girls got to choose how many circles they wanted for their snowman's body and both decided on three. Tom and I helped with the tracing and cutting, and then they made their paper more 'snowy' and fluffy by gluing on cut-up cotton balls.

Once the bodies were done it was time to decorate.
Ella wanted a yellow hat but we didn't have any yellow construction paper, so instead we got creative and twisted a pipe-cleaner into a funky hat shape, and put a red pom-pom on the top. Ella also chose to make her nose shaped like a carrot (triangle), and had a lot of fun taping two little twigs to the back of the snowman for the arms. Her final touch was adding a purple ribbon for the scarf.

Zoe wanted a more traditional hat for her snowman with a blue pom-pom on top, and had fun using a hole-puncher to make little circles for the eyes, the nose and for the 'oh-oh smile'. Zoe also loved taping on twigs for the arms, but I think curling the yellow ribbon to make her snowman's scarf was even more of a high point for her.

Both girls worked hard and we all had a good time.
And we all think the snowmen turned out pretty darn cute.


Taylor said...

What a fun project! They look very proud of their creations.

BTW - You have an award waiting for you at my blog.

Annie said...

Very cute. They did a great job. I like the idea of family homework (here we don't have something like that). Definitely, if someday I decided to have my own preschool I'm going to do this (and other wonderful ideas I saw here).

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How precious! I love the differences between the two.
PS - as a mommy who loves clean crafting, I "heart" those art trays!