Friday, January 15, 2010

Growing Babies

This is how Zoe and Ella woke up earlier this week:

The night before, after I had tucked them in but before they fell asleep, they put all of the 'babies' they wanted to grow (stuffed animals)
into their pajamas. Then they fell asleep.

I found this to be so funny. They love babies and playing 'mommy', or 'grama' or their newest version, 'babysitter' -- and they've put little animals or dolls under their shirts for quite a while (and it was always two, maybe three -- four tops). But they've never done it with their sleepers on. Or stuffed so many in.

A few nights later this is how I found Ella when I went in to make sure she and Zoe still had their covers on
(which she did not, but Zoe did):
The picture doesn't show quite how funny it looked, but I was laughing out loud -- loudly. And because she had stuffed animals not only in the front, but the sides and back as well
(I'm thinking this was her helper . . . ),
I decided to take almost all of them out so she would sleep more comfortably. I felt like a magician pulling one scarf after another out of a magic wand. Or like a surgeon delivering the octomom's babies : ) Somehow Ella managed to tuck in 14 little stuffed animals
and then fall in a deep sleep herself.

The next morning Ella told us she was going to grow some more babies, and kept Tom and me entertained for quite a while.

She soon found that carrying all that extra weight is tiring though . . .

. . . so this is where she ended up.

And then her skinny little sister
(who was not growing babies) joined her,
which made just laying on the sofa a good time.
Big tummy or not.


Verna said...

That is so sweet!

In later years they will laugh at how they looked.


Joe and Jane said...

That is too funny!! They look SO sweet and peaceful when they're sleeping. How nice of you to check on their covers! I used to do that and I've long stopped. I realized, at least with Jia, it was a total exercise in futility because she'd kick them off 15 minutes later.

Annie said...

Haha, so funny. Love their new play.

Thanks for make my night with those pictures.

Enjoy the weekend.

Taylor said...

That is the cutest thing ever!! I got a great chuckle from this post, they are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest, funniest thing I have seen in a long time. My niece is about the same age and is totally into "growing babies" but I don't know if she has tried 14! Thanks for the smile.