Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Fun Part One

It's been a cold January in Minnesota this year.
So cold Ella and Zoe stayed inside
and watched Tom blow bubbles outside.
It was pretty neat to see,
and it took less than 10 seconds for the bubbles to freeze.

The girls have also been busy coming up with different ways to feed the birds. I saw this idea in a parent magazine . . .

. . . we squeezed the juice from the oranges first and the girls drank fresh orange juice for snack -- and the chickadees
have LOVED their new orange feeders!!


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How much fun! I love the orange birdfeeders idea!
Sweet, sweet girls for taking good care of the neighboring birds.

Annie said...

OMG, 10 seconds to be freeze,wow. I'm thinking on having a vacation during winter,haha.

Fun idea for the little bird.

Enjoy the weekend dear.

Taylor said...

I saw the same things to do in that magazine. I actually pulled the page out and added to my things to do! I can't wait to try the food colour water in the squeeze bottles too.