Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Letter Bags

Zoe and Ella's preschool does so many special things, ranging from daily activities that make learning fun to evening events that are extra extra special. Each week the kids work on one letter of the alphabet and the week begins with one child sharing objects from home that begin with that letter. It's a BIG deal, especially when you're 3 or 4 : )

Zoe was given the letter bag back in December and was super excited. Ella was a little disappointed and wanted to know when it would be her turn, but cheered up when we read the note attached to the Letter Bag that read 'Dear Zoe and Family', and Ella literally cheered 'That's ME! I am Zoe's family!'. Ha : )

Zoe's letter was 'Kk', which is a tough one for her (it's one of the sounds she's working on in speech class) and it's just a more challenging letter in general because the Cc and the Kk both make the same sound. But after talking about what words start with the letter Kk, Zoe chose her little stuffed Kitten, a card with a Kite on one side and a Key on the other side, a little stuffed Koala Bear and a Kit Kat bar. She put all of her items in the letter bag -- and then we practiced having Zoe share. Sometimes Ella was Ms. Lisa and I was a classmate, sometimes I was Ms. Lisa and Ella was a classmate -- but Zoe was always Zoe and she got really good at explaining her objects and sharing them with us.

When her big day arrived she was ready and eager to bring the letter bag back to school -- and even though her voice was soft (and Ella added her own commentary from the audience, which was actually cute and made me smile) she did a FANTASTIC job. I was so proud of her -- it was a great experience all around : )

Last week Ella was given the letter bag and words can not even describe how excited this kid was! Her letter was 'Nn', and right away she started talking about what words begin with the Nn sound. She wound up putting a card in her bag with a Nest on one side and a Needle on the other side, an actual little Nest, Newtons (the soft chewy cookies -- strawberry flavored) and a Noodle Necklace that she made herself. She also thought it was very funny when Grama Dianne said she could go to school that day too, and that Ella could share Grama's nose with everyone. That didn't happen but it did give us a good laugh : )

Ella also did a super duper job sharing and I was very proud of her too. These girls -- they're growing up!!


sarah kay said...

adorable videos!!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a great idea! Great videos!

Joe and Jane said...

Great jobs! Jia was very excited when she was Star of the Week and got to bring in stuff from home. I love when teachers make kids feel special that way!

Annie said...

I love it!! Is a wonderful idea.

The girls did an amazing job.

Taylor said...

I love all the fun activities that are done there, what a great place. They are so sweet.

Grama Dianne said...