Thursday, January 21, 2010

G-Rated Version of Ladies Night

There were no cocktails involved and the appetizers
were fish crackers, but Ella and Zoe had a great time showing Grama Dianne and Auntie Jen their preschool
and spending special time with both of them.

Next up, Men's Night in February.
And even though Zoe and Ella are not men (which they like to remind me of each time we talk about Men's Night),
they will still go -- this time with their Dad and Grampa Lindy.


Annie said...

Their preschool made the most wonderful events. I like that one, too.

Is that your sister? OMG, both you looks alike.

Love the girls outfits.

PS: I was missing your posts.

Anonymous said...

Ella and Zoe's Grandmother is so young looking and Auntie is beautiful.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How much fun! I can not wait for the girls to have lunches with Mom when they start school.
Your girls are so adorable!

Taylor said...

What a great idea to have them show off their school to family! I'm glad they had fun.