Monday, October 18, 2010

Makes My Monday: Past Scarecrows ....

When I taught Kindergarten, each Fall I would make a scarecrow with my class, and I've continued the tradition with Ella and Zoe.

Their first Halloween they were only 6 months old, so it didn't happen that year. But the following year, when they were 18 months, they helped make their first family scarecrow -- and have helped each year since. It's turned into a fun family tradition : )

Year One:
Ella helped with the pants.

Zoe helped with the gloves.

They both loved looking at Mr. Pumpkin Man and rearranging the other pumpkins in our Halloween Display.

Year Two:
Zoe's turn stuffing the shirt.

Ella's turn stuffing the shirt.

Both girls were fascinated by the pants.

And by the end result.

Zoe thought he was great, though Ella was a bit unsure.

And our Halloween Display continued to grow.

Year Three:
Ella did a lot of examining.

So did Zoe.

They also both worked together quite well.

And they both were pretty comfortable cuddling with him.

That year they had Mr. Pumpkin Man hold a baby, just in case he got lonely.

Looking at these photos Makes My Monday, and definitely puts a smile on my face!!

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Such a great idea! I love these sweet photos!

Cheryl Lage said...

What a tremendous passage in pumpkindom! They are so very adorable and my Monday is absolutely made seeing their autumnal progress. :)

Thank you for playing along so wonderfully. :)

Annie said...

Nice tradition!!!