Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting Ready ......

Two nights ago the Ghost Cake was made ......

.... and was eaten by two Snow Whites and their friend Bella.

It looked so neat glowing, and tasted yummy too.

And the ghost headbands were spooky fun to make and wear!!

Last night Zoe and Ella drew pictures of what they wanted their jack 'o lanterns to look like.

Then they scooped,

they dug out seeds,

they used all their strength,

and they helped their Daddy carve .....

They laughed.

They smiled.

They watched carefully,

and they made funny faces.

But their Jack 'O Lanterns had the funniest faces of all!!!

Last night the pumpkin seeds were cleaned and soaked.
This morning they were baked,
and this afternoon they have started to be eaten .....

..... and two little cheetahs are very excited to put on their costumes and go Trick-or-Treating after dinner tonight : )

Happy Halloween, Everyone!!


Kaiser.Benjamin said...
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Kaiser.Benjamin said...

Wow, well as my sister would say, those pictures are "sooooo cute!"

Jeremi, I have a question for you. And I want to preface it by saying that the inquiry is prompted by genuine ignorance and curiosity, so I hope that it is received in that spirit.

Having little experience with children and virtually none with twins, I am interested to know whether the matching costumes and outfits is something that comes from them? Do they like dressing up the same way?

Again, having no experience, I'd love to know how this commonality relates to the development of an independent identity as they grow older. Is this something that is common for twins? As they mature, are they going to want to distinguish themselves more by wearing different costumes? Is there a normal age where that sort desire to "blaze your own trail" starts to really "kick in?"

I am trying to think of the twins I have known and at what point, if ever, they stopped deliberately matching their outfits. I am drawing a complete blank though.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on, from a parent's perspective, whether you should encourage them to find their own path or celebrate the similar interests, particularly if that's what they're predisposed to do.

Grama Dianne said...

So wish we could see the little ladies but know you will send pictures. Love you much.

p.s. Please let Kaiser Benjamin know that Zoe and Ella have no problem with their own independent identity...

Taylor said...

Can't wait to see some costume pictures! Great ghost cake!

Annie said...

Love your ghost cake, lol your are so funny.

So glad they had lots of fun with their pumpkins.

PS: Is not my business but, why people think that if we dress our twins alike they lost their own personalities.

Catherine Anne said...

Im LOVING all the fallish fun! the girls are so cute in the cat suits!

Jeremi said...

not sure if anyone reads the responses to the comments here - but just for the record: ben is a former student of mine and is in law school now (i feel so old). i love how he's interested in so many different things -- he's going to be a fantastic lawyer!

i think he asked some good questions, and i wasn't offended at all. when i first found out we were having twin girls i was so excited thinking of how much we'd save because they could share clothes. then we started getting a ton of matching outfits that were so cute, and dressing the girls in matching outfits was SO cute : ) as they got older it was just easier, only one outfit to choose, and i do think it's cute : ) since they've been old enough to choose on their own they prefer wearing the same outfits, and when i try different outfits or different colors they both want the same one, and it's usually a big problem. so for simplicity, and the fact they still prefer dressing the same -- we do that. when they choose otherwise we'll go with that too : ) and i still think it's super cute : )

Joe and Jane said...

Wow! How did you set the ghost's eyes on fire? The eyes looked like eggshells. Crazy fun!

Cute costumes for the girls too. I bet they were super fast!