Monday, October 11, 2010

Share Bear

Share Bear is the class mascot for Ella and Zoe's preschool class. He helps the students remember their manners, how to be kind to each other and how to take turns speaking and listening to each other. Throughout the school year Share Bear spends one week with each child, and last week was Ella's turn.

She was one happy girl!!

Share Bear spent all week playing, eating and sleeping with Ella (Zoe too), and we had so much fun documenting our adventures together.

Share Bear certainly kept busy.
He drew pictures with Ella and Zoe,

and he created lots of art too.

He went to Ballet Class (and even wore a ballet outfit),

he helped us sort through our Halloween decorations,

and he snuggled with Ella while she read stories to him.

Share Bear also played out in our backyard. He went swinging and sliding, he played in the sandbox and with sidewalk chalk, and he had many rides up and down the hill on a scooter.

He also got a lot of hugs.

Share Bear was a great passenger while Ella rode her bike around our neighborhood,

and he grilled hotdogs and hamburgers during a family cook-out.

Share bear was also quite helpful. He was Tom's assistant while taking care of some roof work and then safely posed for a photo for Ella and Zoe.

Share Bear also cuddled with Ella and Zoe's Grama Dianne, had a cookie at the preschool's Family Fun Night, went shopping at Target and had dinner at Ole' Mexico!

Share Bear was also a great sport and didn't complain at all when the girls dressed him in a tutu, or pink socks and Barbie underpants, or when they put him in a princess outfit for their friend Eva's 5th Birthday party.

At the end of our week together Ella drew a picture of Share Bear for his book.

We also wrote a story about our adventures together,

and we added a picture/photo collage too.

It was a great week!
We're going to miss Share Bear but we're excited that at some point Zoe will have her turn and bring him home too : )


Grama Dianne said...

What a wonderfully fun time Share Bear must have had with Ella and her family of Zoe and Mom and Dad. Thanks for sharing such special times:)

Annie said...

OMG, what a lovely time with Bear. Great pictures.

Mama Hen said...

This post is so cute! That bear is really cute and your girls will always remember this fun thing they did! Great pictures! Your posts always make me smile! I hope your daughter is feeling better. Have a great night!

Mama Hen

varunner said...

Love Share Bear. Looks like they've had so much time. Enjoyed all the pics of your pumpkins!

We have that same scooter, and if you turn Share Bear backwards, there are leg holes in the yellow part for a stuffed toy to ride just perfectly ;-) They probably already knew that though...

Sadia said...

What a lovely idea!

Your girls' teachers sound absolutely wonderful.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

What a great exercise for your girls! I can only imagine how much fun they had cooking up adventures for Share Bear! :)