Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ballet Class #4

The girls are chugging along at ballet class.

Zoe is such a good listener (a teacher's dream student)
and works hard to make her body do
what her teacher's body is doing.  

She's also getting more comfortable in class, which means she's starting to talk, a lot.  Towards the end of the session, when Ms. Zachari would stop giving directions (or just take a breath), Zoe was telling her all about the bug bite she had, that it was actually a mosquito bite, that it itched a lot but she tries not to itch it or it itches more, etc., etc.  She even did some multi-tasking and talked about her bug bite while they were practicing the 2nd position.
It was really sweet though because it means she's comfortable.
And I'm actually impressed with all of her bug bite knowledge.

Ella was kind of a goofball during class.
Even though she did a lot of looking at me . . .

. . .  and she did check herself out in the mirror at least once . . . 

. . .  she also still listened and followed directions, and did everything she was supposed to, right alongside her sister.

She even concentrated so much her tongue was sticking out.
At least that's why I hope it was sticking out.

The girls like ballet so much they've started practicing at home on their own, without my encouragement.  Zoe likes to pretend that she's Ms. Zachari and that Ella is her student.  After lunch Zoe took Ella's hands and told her 'okay sweetie, now lift your back leg up.  I know you can do it.'  And Ella did.  I didn't get a photo of that, but it looked very similar to what they did in class just a few hours before, with Zoe in Ms. Zachari's place.
The power of positive role-modeling.

And now for your viewing entertainment, Ella and Zoe in action.
The Galloping Ballerinas . . . . 

(it just makes me laugh how they cruise around the dance floor)

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