Sunday, July 19, 2009

Climb, Swing, Slide, Jump & Play, Play, Play

We went to the Eagle's Nest again this weekend.
This time Tom was able to go too, and the girls were super excited.

Once we got there we had to buy socks ($2 a pair)
because I had forgotten the rule of not wearing shoes
and not being barefoot.
E and Z thought it was the best that they got to wear white tube socks.

It was such a successful outing.
The girls climbed like monkeys,
stuck together,
looked out for each other,
and tried even if it was hard.
I really love times like these.

And they're OFF . . . . 

When they are good they are so good and so much fun.
When they are naughty they literally can make me stop where I'm at and not have a clue what to say, but that is a totally different topic, and it didn't happen yesterday.

We left without any crying,
unlike our last visit where Ella nearly sobbed the whole way home.
They even hugged the exit gate 'Goodbye'.
Dorky but cute.

And then we went out for dinner at Snuffy's for dinner.
Pretty much a perfect way to spend a late Saturday afternoon.

After dinner Ella and Zoe showed me the barn swallow nest they saw with Tom when they were walking to pick up a movie.  They first noticed the big pile of bird poop on the sidewalk,
which was their clue to look up.

I'm just wondering how that mama swallow potty-trained
her four little birdies to not potty in the nest . . . 

Finally, Happy Birthday to Tom's sister Mary.
We hope you're having a really nice day.

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Elise Bahr said...

When I was little, I used to play in those play things as McDonald's, too. But sometimes I would get stuck and not be able to find my way out, so my dad would have to crawl in and find me. Haha.
I hope you girls are having a great time this summer!
Come out to the cabin again sometime soon. I'm out there almost every weekend. :)