Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're in Trouble

Ella and Zoe already like cars.

They like to build ramps and have them go fast, they like to race each other and see who will win, they like to build tunnels with arches, and they like to pretend they're in their own cars driving to Buffalo to visit Grama Dianne and Grampa Lindy.

They talk about when they are big enough to drive a real car (Ella insists that will happen in 3 months but Zoe says when she is 5) and they talk about who will be the driver and who will be the passenger and how they will take turns.

They are also picky about which cars they will 'drive' and they seem to prefer cars that are more flashy in style and color.  When we're out and about they'll even notice other cars and make comments about them.  Ella thinks red cars are 'cute' and Zoe thinks any green RAV4 is her Daddy's car.

They love when we drive on the freeway and our car goes fast.

I like how this activity can keep them busy for a good 20-30 minutes!

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