Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July

What a fun 4th of July.
After lunch at home we headed to my parent's cabin (where I pretty much spent my childhood summers), and had an awesome time.  It was our first trip with Zoe and Ella, which made it even more fun and even more special.  We didn't waterski or go tubing (there was a warning of "swimmers itch" in our lake and we didn't want to take any chances), but we did go for a good boat ride, which was another fun first for the girls.

Ella and Zoe's first look at Lake Washington.

With Ted, Daddy and Grampa Lindy.

Their first boat ride.

Zoe LOVED it . . . 

 . . .  and Ella did too.

They didn't even need water to have fun.
(Zoe's pic like this was accidently deleted, but she thought she was hot-stuff, too).

Playing inside the cabin was a good time,
especially with friends Brielle and Ava.

And we celebrated Ted's 63rd Birthday!!

My favorite 4th of July memory?
Easy --- this year.
Seeing Zoe and Ella have fun at the cabin, taking them on their first speed boat ride and spending time with our family friend Ted, and other family and friends too.  It really comes down to the simple things:  Family, Friends and Fun.

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Lani said...

They are just adorable in their little life jackets on the boat! Thanks for playing along:)