Friday, June 19, 2009

Ballet Class #2

Zoe and Ella's friend Eva is in class with them (she wasn't able to make it last week) and her Mom Jess is a great friend of mine --
so Ballet Class is now even more fun!!

Eva is 6 months older than Ella and Zoe, so they are the three-year olds of the class.  Despite being the youngest they all worked hard to watch Miss Zachari and do what she did (with a few smiles, waves and 'hi Mom!' over to Jess and me).

There were a few times, however,
you could tell they were the youngest, and not just by their size.

Things started out pretty good -- even though they were looking over at Jess and me, they were in line holding hands . . . 

. . . and they walked across the floor with their classmates.

Then they started to dance to the beat of their own ballerinas.

They did everything everyone else was doing, just at their own pace.

Yup, these are the three-year olds!!

And it wouldn't be ballet class if Ella didn't notice the huge mirror . . . 

 . . .  and take a quick moment to admire herself.

But in the end the girls practiced the first three positions and now know three dances -- The Flower Dance, The Salad Dance and The Bird Dance (all pretty much improv at this point).  Here they are in their nests, flapping their wings and getting ready to fly away . . . .
They're lovin' it -- and so am I.


The Animator's Wife said...

Such cute pics!

Heather said...

Love these posts about your ballet classes! So cute!