Friday, June 5, 2009


We finally got out to Buffalo for a few days this week.  Ella and Zoe have been asking for months (literally), when they were going to get to sleep in their pack-n-plays at Grama and Grampa's house.  The things that make them happy : )
Spending time with Grama Dianne and Grampa Lindy also makes them happy.  As does playing with Jack, Elise and Auntie Jen.  The tiara's from Auntie Jen made them REALLY happy, especially Zoe -- she loves anything Princess these days.  

Something else made them really happy too.
See Ella's face?  See how happy she is?

See Zoe's face?
See how happy she is?

This is what they were looking at.

And this is a close-up.
I wish the picture was better, but I'm kind of short and couldn't really get a good angle.  It's a nest with four hungry baby robins in it, which was very cool.
Watching them made me happy too (but the massage that my mom got for me made me REALLY REALLY happy).

Seeing Zoe and Ella with my parents makes me really happy (yes, even happier than getting a full-body, one-hour massage that I didn't have to pay for).

And I had to add this picture -- another photo that makes me happy.
Ella and Zoe were around 8 months old and had just had their RSV injections.
Even back then being with Grama Dianne and Grampa Lindy made them happy.

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