Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nibble Sticks and Nummy Nests

Last weekend Zoe and Ella made Nibble Sticks
in honor of the letter 'Nn'.
They were very busy kneading the dough,

patting the dough,

and even sneaking tastes of the dough.

Then it was back to business,
and much easier to each have their own chunk of dough to work with.

Finally the strips were cut . . . 

 . . .  and the silly faces started.

The Nibble Sticks were Nummy,
and we had them for lunch two days in a row.

But the Nests we made (like rice-krispy bars but using chow mein noodles rather than rice krispies) were sooooo NUMMY!
Or as we like to say,  'Num Num in the Tum Tum'!!

Ella couldn't take her eyes off her nest.

Neither could Zoe.

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