Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ballet Class

The girls had their first ballet class today.
I have been waiting to do something like this for YEARS
(even before I found out I was pregnant with twin girls).
Ella and Zoe were pretty excited too, can't you tell?

They actually were really happy to finally go to ballet class -- just like Angelina Ballerina.
They're just really picky these days about when they'll smile for the camera.

Their teacher is Miss Zachari (Zachari is actually her first name -- I love that)
and there are 5 other little girls in their class, ranging from three to five years old.

Zoe and Ella are the youngest but did SOOOOO well listening and following directions.
It was super cute and I was very proud of them.
*Remember to click on the photos if you want to see them enlarged*

After warm-up stretches they learned the first three positions.
I don't think Zoe barely took her eyes off Miss Zachari.

Ella LOVED the huge mirror, and got side-tracked by it a few times,
but also did really well paying attention to her teacher.

They also learned how to walk like a ballerina . . . 

 . . .  and how to twirl like a ballerina!!

Zoe practicing her arabesque . . . 
(at least that's what I think it's called and how it's spelled -- I don't have time to check right now, if I'm wrong please let me know).

 . . . and Ella practicing her courtsie.

After class both girls were almost giddy with excitement.
Zoe told me next time they need to wear their hair pulled up like Miss Zachari,
not in blue barrettes.
Ella told me Miss Zachari is a 'nice little teacher'.
I think Wednesday mornings are going to be a lot of fun.


McCaffrey365 said...

Simply makes my heart melt seeing the girls in ballet. Of course Ella got distracted by the big mirror, she is so darn cute to look at.
I look forward to hearing about their future classes.

Heather said...

O my goodness. These are the cutest pictures ever. If Charlotte were to see these, she would be freaking out. I have been thinking of getting her in a dance class of some sort because she loves to dance. LOVE these pics, thanks for sharing!!

The Amazing Trips said...

They really are so adorable and there are few things cuter than toddlers doing ballet!!

This is a picture from our first (and thus only) ballet class. We didn't have the same kind of success that you did. Perhaps it's time we try again...?

Jeremi said...

Heather, you should definitely sign Charlotte up for ballet class -- it's a riot : ) And Jen, I totally agree, there are few things cuter than toddlers doing ballet. I just checked out your blog post; your three in tutus, including your ADORABLE blond, blonde, blonde son, was just too much. And with the matching red shoes : ) Yes, try again -- I want to see more pictures!! Think he'd still be up for the tutu?