Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Day

Yesterday was our last Multiples Class.  Boo.
We've gone for two years
and I've learned so much in that fun and supportive setting.
All three of us have made some great friends,
and the staff has simply been awesome.

So, we loaded up the wagon again with flowers for the teachers . . . .

. . . and then the girls got busy making some art work.

I had to take a picture of the beloved 'Jingle Blanket' . . . 

 . . .  and Teacher Laura was nice enough
to take a photo of the kids eating their snack.

On their first day of class this past Fall the girls looked like this:
Ella was actually crying because she wanted to GO to school, not take more pictures.
Zoe was also so over having her picture taken.

And with their special Teacher Ann

9 months later, the girls look like this:

What a fun way to end a really great two year experience!!


Heather said...

O my goodness. How stinking CUTE are they? Charlotte is sitting next to me saying "come play with me little girls!!". Sorry for the last day. Love those pics, though!

McCaffrey365 said...

Done with the multiples class? Does this mean they are ready for preschool in the fall? Next you will be telling me those little babies I took care of are graduating from high school.

~jd said...

i'd love to hear about what the jingle blanket is! i need fresh ideas for my baby and family storytimes :)

look at em grow!