Sunday, August 23, 2009

Favorite 'Back to School' Memory

I'm playing along with the
'Question of the Week' on Multiples and More,
and the question this week is:

What is your favorite back to school memory? 

After teaching Kindergarten for almost 14 years and going to school myself long enough to get my Masters in Education, I have many great 'back to school' memories.

But I have to say, my absolute favorite was the day I took Ella and Zoe to our first ECFE class.

 The girls slept most of that class, and when they were awake it was hard trying to hold them both while singing the circle time songs, but I still had a big ole' smile on my face that whole entire morning.  And even though we only went to that one class that first school year (our pediatrician said not to go because of RSV season), that memory still puts a smile on my face, and I have a feeling it always will.


Denise Sundquist said...

It's been awhile since I read your fun reading about all your summer adventures! Those girls still make me smile! You are such an awesome mom, too!!! Thanks for the prayers for my SIL & our family. It's rough on everyone, especially her three daughters, ages 7, 11, & 13.

Annie said...

I knew it, you are a teacher. I love that picture of the girls, they were so little.

Have a wonderful week.

Grama Dianne said...

Everybody should be dressed as cute as you two little girls were for your first (and only) day of your "first class."