Friday, August 21, 2009

'Qq' is for Queens Eating a QUICK Casserole

Making Queen Crowns was a big hit.
Ella and Zoe both enjoy coloring
and impress me with their small motor skills.
They both get the concept of staying in the lines (when they feel like it) and have their own definite ideas on how they want things to look.  A few weeks ago Ella would color for long periods of time at a time, while coloring didn't hold Zoe's attention for quite as long.  Now they've flipped and Zoe is the one who will color, color, color and Ella gets her work done more quickly (and sometimes more messily).  Both girls are also writing their first names (yay) and can spell their middle names too (and each other's).  It's really so much fun for me to see all these gains, and to start using more of my teaching experiences with my own kids.
Yes, I'm a proud Mama : )

For dinner we made 'Quick Hamburger Casserole',
aka tator tot hotdish : )
And yes, we kept our pajamas on that whole day . . . . 

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