Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Like Daddy Like Daughters

Ella and Zoe got new Converse high tops for preschool this Fall.
They're kind of like their Dad's,
although his are much bigger and not pink.

When they wear them they're almost
too cool for school.

And did you know when you wear new tennis shoes
you can dance even quicker,

jump even higher,

run up the hill with less effort,

and run down the hill faster than ever before?

In fact, when you're wearing new tennis shoes,
ANYTHING you do is faster and better!!

Apparently Tom and I didn't learn our lesson
the first time around though -- lacing two sets of high tops
is kind of a pain in the you-know-what.
Zoe and Ella got their first pair on their 1st Birthday : )

I still think they're worth it : )  


Annie said...

What a cute tennis. They looks divine. Now they are ready for preschool. I have a doubt, when you say preschool that is a pre kinder or a day care?

PS: You may buy the skirts at our Etsy store and pay using pay pal. Just $30.00 for the three skirts and no shipping costs. The skirts are 100% cotton and semi elastic waist. I think they run on normal size. Yes, you will have them before August 28. Let me know the girls names and if you want the princess crown design.

Heather said...

O my goodness! Seriously... like the cutest thing ever! I see Converse in Charlotte's future now.