Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friends, Ice Cream, Como Zoo, Pirate Princesses and even Strawberry Shortcake

Tuesday night we had some friends from our Friday ECFE class over for a backyard potluck picnic.  It was SOOOO much fun to see some 'old' pals and have a chance to chat a bit.  But it was BUSY and I didn't get one single photo!!

I have taken some pics from other outings these past few weeks though.
It's been a busy and full summer for us, and spending time with so many different friends has certainly added to the fun.

*Ice-cream at' The Creamy Cone' with Bella*

*Reading books with best pal Des*

*Playing 'Princess' with BFF Sally*

*Como Zoo with Liam and Sully*

*Heading off to Jia's 'Pirate Princess Party',
dressed in our version of 'pirate gear'*

*Ella walking the plank,
with Birthday Girl Jia waiting at the end*

*Zoe walking the plank*

*Zoe's turn to toss the ring on the alligator's nose*

*Ella back on the plank,
with Jia's little sister Willa swinging in the background*

*And eating Strawberry Shortcake
with special friends Grandma Lorraine and Vickie*


Annie said...

Hey, you had some busy days. Great pictures and your girls are adorable.

I forgot to mention, yesterday we send the skirts. Maybe for Saturday (I think)you receive them. Please, take a photo of the pictures because I forgot to do that, thanks.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Wow! I love that birthday party idea! So cute!!!!
Love all your photos! Your girls are precious.
Sorry for the delay on getting back to you regarding the jogging/walking. I just realized I could not reply to you so I am going to answer it here.
We have a treadmill in the basement and sometimes I run/jog/walk during the day (mornings are better for me). Abby & Emma ride their tricycles down there and stay busy with those or art.
I jog/walk at night in my neighborhood with a friend. We go after I put the girls down for bed. Around 7pm. Hope this helps. I feel so much better when I can get some form of exercise in.

Joe and Jane said...

You got WAY better party pics than I did! CUTE! Glad you could make it!