Sunday, August 2, 2009

This and That

Ella is feeling a lot better, almost back to her 100% wacky little self.
She says it still stings when she goes potty, but that may just be because she's used to saying that.  No tears anyways (when she's going potty), and no fever either.  Although she has caught on to the concept of 'recuperating' and knows if she feels like she needs to take it easy (especially during clean-up time), she'll say she needs to rest on the sofa for a while.  Smart kid, I might need to try that too. 

As a special treat Tom and I took the girls to the Children's Museum this weekend.
ALWAYS a fun place to go.
From painting with water on the rooftop . . . 
 . . .  to climbing in the treehouse . . . 
 . . .  to actually taking a few seconds to pose for pics by the big tree.

Becoming one with the ants can keep E and Z occupied
for a long time.
Even if they're a bit apprehensive at first . . . 

 . . . they quickly warm up and get silly.

The turtle shell was new to us.
Both girls thought we should have one at our house.

But the area they could stay at for hours -- the WATER and BUBBLES.

I think Tom would like to have a set-up like this at our house too,
he became quite the Master Bubble-Blower.
Now we know what he can do when he retires from UPS  . . . .

Zoe actually got pretty good at making huge bubbles herself
(with help from Daddy) . . . 

 . . .  and Ella did too!

We took a little break for dinner,
and on our way out we stopped to look at the baby bunnies.

Do you see the brave little guy,
towards the bottom right on the asphalt?  The others ran away.

We ate dinner at Mickey's Diner -- YUMMY!!
Although eating out with the girls
isn't the most relaxing time, it sure was good food.

After dinner we headed back to the museum to play in a few more areas, and ended the trip with Zoe building this amazing city,
all by herself.
Then Ella 'helped her' knock all the blocks down, without permission, and had a time-out.  After her time-out she apologized and asked Zoe if she could help her knock the blocks down and Zoe said 'sure Ella', so we ended our visit on a positive  : )

Then it was time to head home for baths, books and bedtime.
Like I said, always fun at the Children's Museum.

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

So glad to see that Ella is feeling better! Oh, How I miss our Children Discovery Place - it looks very similar. We have the McWane Center but it just does not compare.
What great pictures! Your girls are too precious!