Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh Oh Oh Oh

We are still working our way through the alphabet,
making different projects and at least one recipe
that begins with each letter.

For the letter Oo the girls glued little o-shaped noodles
onto their big letter Oo's . . . 

 . . .  and for the recipe we made OATMEAL pancakes!!
They were quite yummy, we've even made them a few times since then.

I don't know how to link up to previous posts (yet), but if you're interested in seeing what we've done with the letters Aa-Nn, the first post I did was back on March 4th.


Grama Dianne said...

Cooking through the alphabet is a great idea....How about working on the letter "Pp" and making pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving dinner? You have a couple of months to practice:)

Annie said...

You have great ideas to teach the alphabet. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Have an amazing weekend.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What a great idea (with all the letters). So creative! Love your pictures and you have such great helpers!