Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Girl Beds

3 1/2 years ago Ella and Zoe shared one crib, and because they both had pretty significant reflux they each slept in their own Danny Sling. I picked out their cribs while on bedrest and loved the cherry wood and Jenny Lind style so much. After having the girls in the NICU for a total of 57 days, I really loved watching them sleep
in their own bedroom.

When they got a little bigger they even shared their crib with friends.

Once in a while we'd put them in their own cribs, for shorter naps.

But for almost 6 months they liked it best right next to each other.

Once they outgrew the need for their Danny Slings it was always entertaining to see how they would wind up after they would fall asleep. Many times they would mimic each other's positioning,
even in separate cribs.

I loved watching my babies sleep in their cribs.

Or not sleep.

This 'Crib Bliss' went on for almost two years.
Right before their 2nd birthday
this is how I found Ella and Zoe one morning:

They were official crib climbers.

That afternoon Tom picked up two crib tents
(a twin-parent recommendation).
We let the girls 'play' in their new tents
before we put them in their cribs . . . .

. . . . and this is how they slept for the next year and a half.

They LOVED their crib tents. When I would tuck them in at night both girls would tell me 'I love you' and then say 'Zip me up Mama!!!'. It worked really well.

Tom and I LOVED their crib tents too.
We loved zipping them up -- knowing they were safe and sound
AND couldn't wander around.

Many friends (parents of multiples and parents of singletons) recommended keeping the girls in their cribs as long as possible. We liked that idea a lot. We actually both kind of dreaded the day we would make the move to toddler beds.

That day came last Friday.
After 3 1/2 years Ella and Zoe now sleep in Big Girl Beds.

They loved their crib tents but they LOVE LOVE LOVE their new beds.
So much that they spend an awful lot of time talking and laughing and playing when they're supposed to be sleeping.
I can't say I blame them, the freedom must be exhilarating : )
They are tired little girls,
but very very happy.

Today was the first day they actually slept their full nap-time,
and were quiet after just a few minutes when I tucked them in tonight.
Even though we dreaded making the big change, and sleep was off for a few days, I am so happy for Ella and Zoe.

Although it is bittersweet.
I really did love their cribs and crib tents.

Does anyone know if there are toddler bed tents??


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What big girls!
Abby & Emma are still in their toddler beds and love them. We are hopefully going to remodel their rooms soon and make their beds into the full size. Watching my girls sleep is the best gift.
Your girls are precious!

We got the shirts at Gap. They are my favorites shirts they have. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

This was very fun to see and read...

McCaffrey365 said...

I have to admit that I got tears in my eyes when I saw the picture of them in their BIG girl beds. What happened to the little babies I took care of?
Glad to hear they are transitioning well! Welcome to the Big girl bed club E and Z.


Taylor said...

Yay for big girl beds! I bet they are loving it. They just grow up too fast don't they?!

Annie said...

Like their beds. Now they are big girls, no more "baby stuff",ha.

I like their names on the wall, did you made it?

Heather said...

Oh, this post makes me cry. Seeing them growing up. So sweet. It is hard to believe how fast they grow. Beautiful post!