Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Xxxxxxtra Special Cupcakes

Xx's are for KISSES.
And Xx's are for Xxxxxtra Special Cupcakes.
As Ella said 'I love the letter Xx'. Zoe agreed.

First we added rainbow colors to our cake batter.
Yummy -- each one looked good enough to taste!!

Which is exactly what Ella and Zoe did.

They tasted lots of batter.

Each all of the colors, as a matter of fact.

The first cupcake layer was purple, blue and green.

And they even turned out!!

The second layer was yellow, orange and pink.

We loved how pretty the cupcakes looked.
They looked good enough not to eat.
But we didn't do that : )

Oh no, we definitely ate the cupcakes, but first we had to add the frosting. Zoe and Ella wanted a light purple
and I wanted a bright pink.

I let my three-year olds have the final say on this one.

Even though the color didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped
(I still think the pink would have been the best choice),
it was eXtra fun frosting the cupcakes!!

EATING the cupcakes was seriously the BEST part though!!!!
How can it not be??!
Purple or pink frosting, it didn't matter,
they really were Xxxxxxxtra yummy.



Joe and Jane said...

Those look great!

So I'm realizing that your girls always stay dressed don't they? Is it because they want to stay matched? Jia changes her outfit about six times a day. Maybe she'd stop if I started dressing her like Willa!

Stacy said...

You really need to stop it.
You're making normal mommies look really bad.


Great pictures! Makes me want to come over!

Annie said...

They look so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how they turned and the combination of colors.